UK Oil and Gas medicals

This is a medical examination for offshore workers in the oil and gas industry standards. It is also acceptable in the Danish and Norweigan sectors.

UKOG medical examinations can only be carried out by doctors registered with Oil and Gas UK. . The medical examination will take approximately 45 - 60 minutes and will involve a medical questionnaire and physical examination. You will be asked to undress down to your underwear for the physical examination. A chaperone is available if you wish to have one present during this examination.

You will need to be photographic ID (eg passport or photo driving licence). Come prepared to do a urine test and bring your glasses if you wear glasses or contact lenses. You will need to carry out a hearing test as part of yout medical so please avoid loud noises for at least 24 hours before your medical if possible.

The costs of our medicals are:

  • Standard UKOG medical: £155
  • Standard UKOG medical plus fit for wet training assessment: £180
  • Fitness for wet training certificate only: £25
  • ERT UKOG medical (includes step test and lung function testing*): £210
  • ERT UKOG medical plus fit for wet training assessment: £250
  • ERT annual exercise test only: £60
*availability of additional tests subject to current Covid guidelines. An alternative assessment for OGUK fitness assessments is available.

Please bring payment in the form of card, cash or cheque if you have not paid in advance.
The cost of the standard UKOG is £155

If you are doing an ERT UKOG medical or requiore a step test to re-certify please ensure that you bring suitable footwear and loose clothing.

If there are any additional tests required by your company (eg  urine drug screens, ECG heart tests) please contact us by phone, e-mail or via our online enquiry form in advance so that we can advise of any additional time or costs.  .

What to bring

  • Photographic identification - for example, passport or photo driving licence.
  • Payment (if not already paid in advance). This will need to be in cash, cheque or card.
  • A list of any medication you are taking.
  • Glasses if you wear them for near and/or distance vision. If you wear contact lenses please bring your glasses as well, or a contact lens pot/fluid as you will need to be tested without any corrective lenses.
  • If you are attending for an ERT medical or annual step test please ensure that you bring suitable footwear and clothing.