Additional tests

Your employer may ask you to have some other tests done. These may include:

Blood tests – these will be taken at the time of the medical unless we need to arrange to have the results back before the medical. The specimens are sent to a private accredited laboratory and results are usually available within a week.

Drug alcohol screen – this is done from a urine sample, which must be produced at the time of your medical. It is important that we know about any medication (including herbal or other treatment you may have bought from a pharmacist) as some of these can affect the results. The specimen is sent to an accredited laboratory and results are available about a week after the test.

ECG – This is a heart trace that involves placing sticky pads and leads on your arms/legs and across your chest. It is completely painless (apart from peeling the pads off afterwards from a hairy chest!) and will take about 15 minutes.